Gas Fitting Services Domestic and Non-Domestic

Gas Safe Register is the official list of gas engineers who are registered to work safely and legally on gas appliances. By law, all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register. It has replaced CORGI registration.

We take it for granted that our boilers, cookers and gas fires are safe. It is only when there is a problem with an appliance that many people take any notice of it at all.

John Stayte Services is registered under Gas Safe number 28896 and all its gas fitters are registered and can undertake the work listed below

Rob Slater is our main full time gas engineer and has been with us since the age of 16. He has a vast knowledge of working on gas appliances and can discuss all your gas needs.


  • CARAVANS - Closed Flue Gas Fires DOM LPG (HTRLP2)
  • CARAVANS - Pipework LAV LPG (CORE)
  • CARAVANS - Water Heaters DOM LPG (WATLP2)
  • Pipework RPH Caravans LPG (CORE)
  • Refridgerators DOM LPG Caravans
  • Space Heaters DOM LPG Caravans

Gas Boiler

  • Central Heating DOM LPG
  • Central Heating DOM NG

Combustion Analysis

  • Combustion Performance Analysis LPG
  • Combustion Performance Analysis NG


  • Cookers DOM LPG
  • Cookers DOM NG


  • Fires/Space Heaters DOM LPG
  • Fires/Space Heaters DOM NG


  • Flue Liners
  • Pipework DOM NG (CORE)
  • Pipework PD DOM LPG

Water Heater

  • Water Heaters DOM LPG
  • Water Heaters DOM NG

Pool Boiler

  • Hot Water / Swimming Pool Boilers DOM LPG
  • Hot Water / Swimming Pool Boilers DOM NG


  • Leisure DOM LPG
  • Leisure DOM NG


  • Pipework Boats LPG (CORE)
  • Warm Air DOM LPG Boats

Range Cooker

  • Range Cookers DOM LPG
  • Range Cookers DOM NG

Vented Cyl

  • Vented Cylinders


  • Commercial Catering Fat & Pressure Fryers LPG
  • Commercial Catering Fat & Pressure Fryers NG
  • Commercial Catering Pressure/Expansion Boilers LPG
  • Commercial Catering Range Cookers LPG
  • Commercial Catering Range Cookers NG
  • Mobile Catering Fryers LPG
  • Mobile Catering Inst Water Heaters LPG
  • Mobile Catering Range Cookers LPG