Changeover Regulators for continuous gas supply

CleeseAcov - 2 Pack Kit

Automatic changeover regulators provide continuous gas supply to the installation. The changeover automatically switches to the reserve cylinder when the pressure falls in the supply cylinder. The indicator arrow turns red when the system has changed over and points to an empty cylinder. It turns white when turned towards the new service cylinder.

Compact80 HP

A high pressure changeover regulator.

Compact 80 (OPSO) - 2 Pack Kit

The Compact 80 is state of the art technology. It is both rugged and reliable and incorporates a number of safety features including over pressure shut off (OPSO), limited relief, reinforced diaphragms and heavy duty black hoses which resist fading and ozone attack.

Compact 80 (OPSO) - 4 Pack Kit

Probably the most comprehensive multi-cylinder changeover kit on the market. It is supplied complete and ready for use and will save the installer much time on installation. The kit allows four cylinders to be installed, tested and left in a safe condition ready for the gas supply to be run to the equipment.